Milk replacers

The production of milk replacers is carried out on a modern production line with a high proportion of automation. Traditional feed materials are used for production, the basis is domestic dairy feeds – sweet whey powder, buttermilk powder, skimmed and whole milk powder. Thanks to the use of whole milk powder, part of the fat content in milk replacer is of dairy origin. Mixtures of vegetable fats with emulsifiers, high-quality soy protein concentrates and synthetic amino acids are also used. High levels of vitamins, iron and probiotics contribute to maintaining good health.

The technological properties of milk replacers are fully compatible with all technologies used in raising calves, and in acidified milk replacers there has been enhanced their bactericidal effectiveness.

All milk replacers are produced in classic sweet form and also in acidified form under the name ACID.

Telfid® 100

Milk replacer with protein that is 100% dairy origin. It is mainly composed of a mixture of skimmed and whole milk powder therefore part of the fat content is of dairy origin. The mixture also contains sweet whey powder, whey powder with added mixture of fats and it is supplemented with a premix of biologically active substances with a high level of vitamin E, organic iron and probiotics.

Telfid® SOL

Milk replacer with highest portion of skimmed milk and whole milk powder and essential amino acids supplemented with triple the amount of vitamin E. Extremely low ash content and high content of lactose are clear evidence of using highly utilizable dairy feeds. One of Telfid® SOL’s biggest assets is excellent solubility, which is necessary for use in automatic feeders.

Telfid® Extra

Milk replacer with high portion of dairy feeds and essential amino acids, suitable for young, intensively growing calves and calves exposed to stress (cold in winter months). High digestibility of used protein sources allows intensive bone and muscle growth of calf without extreme increase in protein content, which could lead to undesired diarrhea.

Telfid® Grand

Classic white milk replacer is the combination of sweet whey powder, skimmed milk and whole milk powder. It is suitable for quality calf rearing from beginning to weaning. Its quality is verified by farmers throughout the Czech Republic, since it is the most used replacer of our range.

Telfid® INSTA Grand

Milk replacer is the combination of sweet whey powder, skimmed and whole milk powder, with increased antidiarrheal effect. Complex of pectins and organic acids is used here, which together with probiotics and antibodies against the causative agents of infectious diseases works not only in abomasum, but also in the front part of the small intestine.

Telfid® Uni

Milk replacer based on whey proteins and milk powder so as to balance its use throughout the whole period of calf rearing, with use in calf facilities with higher infection pressure in acceptable costs.

Vitular® Acid

Milk replacer successfully used for diarrhea prevention. Its composition and nutrient content fully correspond to much more expensive imported milk replacers.


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