For pigs and poultry

Our product range is designed to meet the requirements of all types of customers. Individual product lines are thought out and made to satisfy private farmers, bigger farms with their own feed mill, specialized companies with liquid and dry feeding systems as well as feed factories using concentrated premixes of additives or requiring custom premixes.

Range for pigs

Mineral-vitamin mixtures:

  • For piglets: START product range
  • For breeding categories: AMISUR® product range
  • For fattening pigs: TARAMIN® and UNIVERSAL product ranges
  • For organic farms: UNIVERSAL SAS
  • For farmers – mixtures with 5% dosage: PETAMIN® range (A1, CDP, KPK, KPB, ČOS and their variants)

Premixes for pigs:

  • Premixes with amino acids – PRESUS® with 0,3 – 0,5 % dosage
  • Premixes with 0,3% and 0,2 % dosage without amino acids
  • Premixes calculated based on customer’s requirements

Prestarters and milk replacers for piglets

They form a series of mixtures that fluently follow up, supporting the healthy rearing of piglets. The choice of a certain feed depends on the specific situation on the farm.


Range for poultry


PETAGAL® – hobby range and range for organic farming

GALIMIX® – premixes and mineral-vitamin mixtures for breeding of poultry and laying hens

BROMIX® – premixes and mineral-vitamin mixtures for fattening of poultry

Further information on each product can be found in the following documents