Dairy cow drenches

Drenching cows is the administration of a drink at the time of calving or right after calving. Drenches can be divided into two large groups, the first for voluntary drinking, suitable for administration right after calving, and the second for forced administration by tube, mainly for cows with metabolic disorders.


Drench for cows after calving. It is designed as an “energy drink with liver protection.” Other function of this drench is to start the rumen activity. Since the basic requirement is voluntary intake, only tasty feed materials, that cows are happy to accept, were used.


Drench for tube administration in case of metabolic disorders. Main indications for RUMILAC drenching are displaced abomasum, ketosis, simple indigestion associated with lower rumen function or suspicion of these disorders. In case of ketosis 300 ml of propylene glycol can be added to drench, although the propionate content is fully sufficient most of the time. It is always good to administer RUMILAC during regeneration after metabolic disorder.

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