FIDES AGRO, spol. s r.o. was established without any participation of foreign capital or acquisition of the property through privatization and this year celebrated its 20th birthday.

We produce and supply complete feed for all categories of livestock (calves, cattle, pigs, piglets, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, etc.). Our own production is primarily focused on mineral and vitamin mixes and premixes, milk replacers, medicated feed mixtures, mineral vitamin mixtures for organic farms certified by KEZ and novelty is our hobby program FIDmix for farms of limited scale (backyard farms) – either for livestock or pets (horses, sheep, chickens, dogs, pidgeons, rabbits, exotic birds).

Complementary assortment includes prestarters for piglets starters for calves, supplementary feed ford airy cows and other feedstuffs and feed additives such as molasses and mineral licks.

Our products are bagged, FIDmix products are even available in retail packaging and they are delivered to our distributors, bulk buyers or retail customers. Based on contractual agreements we also provide transportation.

For our customers we provide consultancy in nutrition and animal breeding, analysis and evaluation of feed.