About us


The FIDES AGRO, spol. s r.o. company was established without any participation of foreign capital or acquisition of property through privatization in 1995.

We produce and supply complete feed mixtures for all farm animals categories (calves, dairy cattle, beef, piglets, pigs, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, etc.). Our production is mainly focused on mineral-vitamin mixtures and premixtures, milk replacers, feed mixtures with medication, mixtures certified for organic farming and our FIDmix® program, which is suitable for small or hobby farmers pets (horses, sheep, poultry, dogs, pigeons, rabbits, exotic birds, etc.). Supplementary assortment includes prestarters for piglets, calf starters, supplementary feed mixtures for dairy cows and other feed materials, supplementary mixtures, additives, mineral licking blocks or molasses licks.

Our feed mixtures are delivered in bags, FIDmix® products are also in retail packaging. We deliver to distributors, retail customers, bulk customers or wholesalers. For our customers we provide consulting activities in animal nutrition, animal breeding and analysis and evaluation of feed.