Dr. FIDES Shake

This milk replacer is helpful when rearing piglets from numerous litters (insufficient number of fully functional teats), the loss of sow, low milk yield (MMA, postpartum complications, loss of appetite) and in case of unbalanced piglets after weaning.

On farms the dosage for piglets is proven and recommended by manufacturer with dilution of 1 : 3 for piglets in the farrowing pen (from 2 days of age till 26 days) and 1 : 6 for piglets after weaning. For accurate dosing and high hygienic preservation the product is packed in 0,5 kg packages.

Dilution: predetermined amount of milk replacer mixture is gradually mixing with hot water (45°C) until complete dissolution. Dr. FIDES Shake should be dosed several times a day in adequate amount in the appropriate dishes (feeders) that shall allow smooth intake of milk replacer.

The replacer is composed of proven components of the highest quality with a high content of milk components. Premium components and stabilization of the product ensure health support and growth of the piglets (weak piglets, piglets with lower birth weight or piglets after treatment). Dr. FIDES Shake has been designed to meet the needs of piglets and to be allow the intake from the second day after birth.