Supplementary feed for dairy cows and bulls OPTILAC®


OPTILAC®, supplementary feed for dairy cows and bulls, is primarily for the feeding as a source of non-protein nitrogen in the form of two types of urea (protected and regular), enriched in sources of quickly accessible and available energy and soluble fibre. This supplementary feed is compiled with the aim of aligning nitrogen and energy sources in the rumen, so that the formation of microbial biomass is the most intensive. Individual sources are released gradually and concurrently. To support the maximum growth of rumen microorganisms, there is optimized content and form of sulphur in this feed supplement. Application of OPTILAC®, OPTILAC® SUPER and OPTILAC® MET allows to increase the amount of corn silage, high moisture corn or cereals and thus increasing energy from own sources. The urea administration in mixtures with both, simple and complex sugars and other supplementary feeds, does not contradict the relevant directives for its use on farms. For use in mills and farms we offer three products: OPTILAC®, OPTILAC® SUPER and OPTILAC® MET.

All products contain urea, sources of easily available sugars and soluble fibre. OPTILAC® SUPER is enriched in sources of macro and microelements and vitamins. OPTILAC® MET is supplemented with methionine.

Reasons for feeding OPTILAC®:

  1. Reduction of purchased feeds, particularly soybean meal.
  2. Reducing cost of feeding day.
  3. Low crude protein level in roughages, especially in grass silage.
  4. Limited supplies of forages.
  5. The need of silage dose reduction because of its worse quality.
  6. Considering the proportion of starch in TMR dry matter and acidosis control, in most cases it is possible to increase the share of own grain.