Mineral and vitamin mixtures and premixes for cattle

Basic requirement for production of mineral feed for cattle can be summarized to several topics:

  1. Statutory conditions for the production, technology and used raw materials. These requirements must be met by each manufacturer.
  2. Conditions of the certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP, which bring higher requirements for manufacturers and suppliers. In operations you can see different levels of order: from something that can’t be even called order to plants resembling the manufacturer of medicines. No need to praise ourselves, you have the opportunity to visit us and see for yourselves what technology we use and what environment is surrounding our feed production.

According to our view, the standard mineral-vitamin mixture has to meet several essential requirements:

  1. Only high quality materials, in terms of structure, solubility, purity and availability should be used.
  2. Good and safe technology.
  3. Structure, dustiness and packaging reflecting the use of product (mills, on feed through, in TMR)
  4. The content of micro and macro nutrients and vitamins set so that their requirements are fulfilled reasonably. It is not our goal to create pseudo studies to support the sale of expensive, physiologically unnecessary and economically unjustifiable components.
  5. Formulations based on knowledge of the environment, checking on farms and processing information from farmers.
  6. The basis of good job is the work of consultants. Simple reasoning such as “zinc = legs” or “vitamin E = mastitis prevention” is not absolutely right. Health disorders and low productive and reproductive efficiency – their origin can be from multiple factors – such as bad work, environment, feeding or specific active substances. Simple “catalogue sale” with tacky arguments does not work in animals, and cattle in particular.

Based on an analysis of your farm and your requirements we can recommend the appropriate type of mineral feed.

We offer:

Mineral mixes and premixes for cattle

  • Far – off and Close – up dry cows
  • With mycotoxins absorbent
  • With ammonia absorbent

Mineral mixtures with special purpose

Premixes and mineral mixtures for high producing cows, accelerated calf rearing and for the production of feed mixtures.

Mineral mixtures with universal use:

  • For dairy cows
  • For calves
  • For heifer raising

Mineral mixtures containing urea

Mineral mixtures for bull fattening

Mineral mixtures for organic farms