Drenching cows means administration of drink during calving or shortly after. Drenches can be divided into two large groups. First one is for voluntary drinking, suitable for administration just after calving. Second is for forced administration by gavage, suitable for cows with metabolic disorders. The second type, unlike the first group, may contain ingredients that are unattractive or disgusting for dairy cows. Actual drenches can be supplemented for example with liquid propylene glycol.


RUMIHELP XXL, the drench for administration to cows after calving, is designed as "an energy drink with liver protection". Its other function is to start the activity of the rumen. Given that the basic requirement is voluntary intake, only materials that cows like to eat were used.

  • Delivery of quick energy.
  • Support for the development of rumen microflora.
  • Yeast cultures.
  • Fatty liver prevention.
  • Voluntary intake.


Drench for gavage administration in the case of metabolic disorders. The main indication of RUMILAC infusion is displaced abomasum, ketosis and simple indigestion with a reduction of rumen activity or suspicion of these disorders. In the case of ketosis, we can add 300ml of propylene glycol to the drink, although the content of propionate is usually sufficient. It is good to always administer RUMILAC during regeneration after a history of metabolic disorder.

  • Quick response when there’s displaced abomasum, ketosis and simple indigestion.
  • Creation of the rumen mattress.
  • Resuming the rumen activity.
  • Replacement of electrolyte losses.
  • Fatty liver prevention.