Milk replacers are produced on modern line with a high level of automation. Traditional materials are used for production. They are based on domestic raw milk – dried sweet whey, dried buttermilk, dried skimmed and whole milk. Part of fat in milk replacer is of lactic origin thanks to the use of dried whole milk. Furthermore, the vegetable fat blends with emulsifiers, high-quality soy protein concentrates and synthetic amino acids are used. High levels of vitamins, iron and probiotics help to maintain good health. The composition of feed mixtures is regularly upgraded. Recently, all mixtures were enhanced with organic calcium essential for bone development and organic iron for blood formation and the resistance. Also, technological properties of milk replacers fully comply with all applicable technologies for rearing calves. Acidified mixtures were strengthened in their bactericidal activity.

Telfid® SOL

Milk replacer with the highest proportion of dried skimmed and whole milk essential amino acids supplemented a triple amount of vitamin E. It’s extremely low ash content and high lactose content is clear evidence of the use of highly available dairy products. The advantage of Telfid® SOL is excellent solubility required for use in automatic milk feeders.

Telfid® Komfort

Telfid® KOMFORT is a new type of universal milk replacer, whose main advantage is the extremely fast solubility and simple handling while maintaining excellent nutrient parameters.

Telfid® Extra

Milk replacer with a high proportion of milk components and essential amino acids, suitable for young, intensively growing calves and calves exposed to stress (cold, winter season). High digestibility of protein sources allows intensive growth of bone and muscle mass of the calf without extreme increase in crude protein content, which leads to undesirable diarrhoea.

Telfid® Grand

Classic white milk replacer is a combination of sweet whey, skimmed and whole milk powder, suitable for high-quality calf raising from start to weaning. The quality is proven by farmers all over the country. It is the most commonly used replacer of our product range.

Telfid® Uni

Milk replacer based on whey proteins and milk powder, so that its use is balanced throughout the whole time of rearing calves and the use in farms with a high infection pressure within acceptable financial costs.

Vitular® Acid

This milk replacer is successfully used for the prevention of diarrheal diseases. Its composition and nutrients fully match much more expensive imported milk replacers.

Telfid® Finish

Milk replacer with a higher content of plant protein, suitable for older calves. It is also suitable for dilution with native milk due to the significant increase of nutrients by affordable fat and crude protein sources.