Structured starters for calves with molasses – combination of granulated protein component, corn flakes and whole grain cereals. Composition of starters meets requirement of modern calf rearing: high content of digestible nutrients while maintaining the texture, palatability and high intake.


Objectives of rearing with the use of starter:

  1. Rapid development of forestomach.
  2. Shortening of milk nutrition period.
  3. Achieve the maximum utilization of growth potential of the calf.
  4. The balanced development of muscles and bones.
  5. The development of haematopoiesis and immunity.
  6. Avoiding negative growth phase after weaning.
  7. Limit diarrhoea.
  8. Universal use in all types of technology.


Start feeding starter early, since 3 or 5 days of age. Starter must be present always fresh and ad-libitum. Intake of starter is limited by access to clean water, which should be available at all times.


Our starters are carefully designed from a variety of selected materials, that ranges from commonly used (cereals, protein sources such as soy products), through gluten, dried yeast, pectin mix, specially treated linseed, to the original combination of organic and inorganic acids (STARFID CCC). Each product consists of approximately twenty materials, which are calculated not on generally referred nutrients (crude protein, crude fibre, crude fat, macro- and microelement, vitamins, etc.), but above all on digestibility, content and composition of amino acids, as well as potential production of volatile fatty acids in the growing rumen.