FIDES AGRO Consulting and Service

Complex counselling is provided by our own experts as well as external consultants. Our aim is to achieve not only good breeding results (milk yield, milk quality, health, reproduction, weight gain, conformation, young animal raising, etc.), which are undoubtedly a precondition for successful animal farming, but also good economic results. Our goal is not a farm with good numbers only on paper, but prosperous, healthy farm. It needs to be noted, that no consulting substitute for daily work in a barn. The consultant has advantage over farmer and has an obligation of summarizing practices and experiences that have been proven in practice, providing guidance to solve specific situations on the farm and possibly promote requirements for improvement.


Given an indispensable influence of roughage on the production, reproduction and health, it is our advice to pay extraordinary attention to this factor, not only through laboratory analysis of certain feed, but from planning the feed production:

  • By selecting crops suitable for the area in terms of nutritional value and suitability for growing and conservation.
  • By drawing up forage production plans – setting sowing areas by the number of livestock, income and the estimated ration.
  • By determining the optimal harvest time, method and organization.
  • By recommending appropriate methods of conservation and selling biological products for silaging.

Laboratory evaluation

Laboratory evaluation is a significant part of our services. It includes:

  • Collection of forage and concentrate samples, analytical testing required for the assembly of rations and mixtures in our own software program.
  • Checking feed rations on the farm (visual assessment, separation box), sampling feed mixtures, TMR and their laboratory analysis.
  • Visual and laboratory evaluation of the health safety of feedstuffs.

Health monitoring

This service is done with cooperation with specialized institutions, veterinarians or contractual veterinarian and it includes:

  • Collection and evaluation of ruminal fluids and feces.
  • Checking the health status of calves and piglets, collection of necessary samples for laboratory examinations (bacteriology, virology, etc.).
  • Metabolic testing in indicated cases.
  • Health checks on limbs and draft measures for improvement.
  • Control of reproduction, its organization and the impact of nutrition on reproductive performance achieved.
  • Animal behaviours checking.
  • An essential part of monitoring is also the milk analysis evaluation.

Economic evaluation of the farm

The evaluation has to be performed in cooperation with the entire management of the farm (e.g., through control days). According to the requirements of farmers, following can be evaluated:

  • Production efficiency of the feed and rations.
  • Cost of feed, per unit of production, assessing the price of forages in relation to their quality.
  • Comparison of all economic indicator with the generally reported data or other farmers.

Our counselling also includes consultation on construction and reconstruction of stables, ventilation and housing, organization of groups and pen moves. Our consultants are regularly informed about current commodity prices and purchase prices of agricultural products.