FIDES AGRO Company Profile

FIDES AGRO spol. s r.o. was established without any participation of foreign capital or acquisition of the property through privatization. In 2013 it celebrated its 18th birthday. Initially developed business activity has gradually grown on its own production, laboratory, warehouse capacity and facilities for the training of employees and customers.

The company aims throughout its whole existence to evaluate all environmental aspects related to the functioning of society and ensure a safe and modern working environment for its employees, while increasing quality requirements on our own production and services.

FIDES AGRO spol. s r.o. company provides its customers with:

  • Production of mineral and vitamin mixes and premixes, medicated mixes, milk replacers, mineral and vitamin mixes certified by KEZ (products suitable for organic farming) and hobby program under the brand name FIDmix.
  • Distribution of products with our own truck transportation.
  • Consulting and lecturing in the nutrition and animal husbandry.
  • Analysis and evaluation of feeds.
  • Business activities with supplementary product range: prestarters for piglets, starters for calves, supplementary feed mixtures for dairy cows, feedstuffs and selected additives.
  • Guidance activity in the field of conservation, including the sale of silage additives.
  • Purchase and sale of livestock.
  • Purchase and sale of agricultural commodities.